Inception workshop - September 16, 2021

The Inception Workshop aimed to present the project to relevant stakeholders. The workshop will support the development of a shared understanding of Transparent Monitoring (TM) and of approaches to evaluate transparency. The project will develop a guidance for TM structured around different entry points (dimensions) to increase usefulnes to different stakeholders. A key role of the workshop was to test the guidance concept.

Participants to the Inception Workshop included the project team, country stakeholders and representatives of partner projects. In a three-hour online meeting the project background and objectives were presented. In two subsequent sessions, the participants discussed the definition of Transparent Monitoring. As a result of the first session, the following definition will guide future work:

Transparent Monitoring is an approach for openness in climate change mitigation in the land use sector that

  • improves processes related to data generation, reporting and sharing,
  • assesses and resolves uncertainties and potential discrepancies between data sets,
  • supports actors in accessing, planning, implementing, and evaluating climate action
towards building shared understanding, building trust, and facilitating collaboration across multiple levels of governance and actors.

In a second session, the project team presented the TM guidance concept. In parallel group discussions the concpet was assessed from the viewpoint of different stakeholders (a technical dimension and a community monitoring dimension). Important aspects for these dimensions were collected and discussed.

The Presentation of the project team at the Inception Workshop is available for download (6.8 MB).